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Will you be my fright night, would you tatse

my apple if I handed it to you, juices running

down your chin as you tear its skin?

Would you appear in mask, in drag, in

chains, chasing me?

I painted my face tonight, just for you,

ghostly, lips massacred, night adorned

around my eyes, running in circles,


I dare you to hunt me, your teeth wanting

to strip, skin me…..

I wonder what your would find underneath,

if horror would trickle out your mouth in

bloody hushes….

I love to watch the sun and the moon fuck,

how darkness shadows her glow, and then I


I lay in gory beauty shivering, soaked

in screams, only in your dreams…..



I wonder how it would feel as silver sliced

your skin, just deep enough to teach blood to


I wonder if your reflection would be that of pain or

pleasure, maybe, both….

Would they blend, extend into fiendish grins….

My head bends as my tongue rushes out to

part your flesh, to blur life and death….

I want you to snarl, growl, a warning

as I become blood thirsty….

I run along your skies in red,

you naked, waiting for the next


Your arousal braids with each touch,

taunting you in splashes, as I stroll


I go deeper and you arch as I tangle into…you….

You trickle in streams, pleased….

Eyes roll back, drop to Hell, zigzag, never tell….

You flood around my feet in wet scarlet, sluring

my words….

My sweet sleep I whisper from my lips,



Freshly flossed, red incense,

cinnamon dreams….

I was never sweet to begin with….

Smoke conjures, eyes held upward,

the only caress Heaven will get….

Sick candied, I was never one to

lick twice and be nice….

Mind paces, walking silvery halls…

As I pass windowless faces, trunks

bend and sway, can’t have me….

Fingers twirl, round and round,

magic in the air….

Grazed, dazed I know you are there…

You amuse me, but you can’t fool me…

You bled for me, two sugar drops,

spelled my name in vain….

I wiped my mouth, couldn’t help but


You will remain thirsty, witchy

lingering on your lips…

You look good in a mask….

Those you loved, will be unloved,

all because you can’t have me…

You rip my face off my skull, what do

you see…the little fishies that can’t swim…

You, not whole, but, unholy, breaking bread,

bloodied tongue, all to feed the SON….

Intertwined, fated, sealed the deal….


Blues peering down, veil opened,

cotton drying your tears….

Heaven eloped, and grey was born…

Falling, floating, awakened with

wings made of dusk, cursed

from your lips, as time slips…

You dressed me in mourning,

sobs never reaching earth…

I died a thousands times, sand on

my feet, ocean so far away…..

I reckon I misbehaved….

Cruel stretches your mouth,

open as proses stops in mid air,

love letters never wrote….

I wonder ever and ever as you watch,

applaud, one step closer, but ashes

always echo….

……..and so I wonder ghostly, haunting you….


Like Jack-the-Ripper, clenched, drenched of


One finger, or all at the same time?

Lips come together in a pout, smeared,

my orgasmic rush….

I wonder what I would taste like on your


Slip words in my mouth, demonic kiss…

Up against me, I want to feel you hard, needy…

Let me escape, dash for your cold, sickle,

dangle, just to catch colors in flusters…

e5947117e659f31a743af5a840c289f8Draped on my lips in raspberry kisses,

you dance for me in red puddles….

I love the way you sway, skip to my mouth-

candy apple….

You, my cherry blossom, blooming on the

edge of ache….

I wanted to be yours, but NOW YOU are


Auburn sunset, making me dizzy, drinking

my lucidity….

I painted a portrait of you today, while

roses danced on my grave, me

birthing your creation….

Blotched on rockstar, murdered on my skin,

I want you to be dirty on me….

I make you rain down, lines crossed,

anointed, holy feast….

Slippery, my insides aroused

as you fuck each organ, veins

licking for more….

Lips part, taking all you give,

eyes closed, I doze, dream

of orgies, one by one bodies


At my feet you spill in plume

hues, all that remains is

virginal prayers, dead before

Christ bowed HIS head……


You made me crumble.

therefore, YOU will pay…….

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