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I cry, tears tumble, fall
gracefully down my cheeks, a
extra beat it takes for

Eyes close, take a breath,
torn into, no sense of

I just want to spill,
onto your soul, so you
can feel my ache wrapped
inside this shell…

To take me away…
Forever is not long enough
to feel you….

Exhale, maybe, on your flesh
just to capture you, save
you as I was meant

I was always the one,
and you were always the
one to love me….

I can never get enough
of you, to breathe you
into me, afraid you will
just disappear….

I am pieces of your
heart, missing, what you have
been searching for, but it
may be too late as
time runs out….

Our footprints together, rushing
in the waves….

Death waits once again for
us to be reborn….
I will miss you until
that times comes, and hope
you will always know that
I search for you and
only you, and as I
break, you put me back
You into me, unceasingly…..

Skull Daze.....

Just think he looks kinda cool;)


Dance with me in the
lurid bloom of the
moon, as He watches in
jealousy taboo….

I summon thee, be swept
into the scent of night,
musky, erotic, filling the air
like a lover….

I want my skin to
shimmer under your gaze, as
you drink me in, watch
the shadows frolic before me….

Inside, I chill as I
feel you darken, wanting your
sinister to cross me, engorge
me completely…..

The breath of twilight holds
as you approach, stilled like
divine beauty….

I turn, eyes meet, my
heart running to you….

Hand held out, we touch,
tingle, and so we begin

Pulling me closer, I light
your umbra, coloring you slowly
in a sexy flush…

like we have never parted….

We sway as dreams wake
their sleepy heads…

I, brought you to life,
our skin jumps inside
the other, we imprint endlessly,
no words ever said….

Early morning, darkness still our voyeur as hands
roam, playing in flesh…

Eyes close as my breathing wakes, body tepid….
Rhapsody fingers strum down damp melodies,
and I part, open ivory, turning to silver
down my thighs…

You unmask me, walking farther
down my halls….
I soak you, mouth opened…

Conversations pulse
as breasts color, where
you love me, hate me….

I puddle, and you sip,
my suicide…

Doggie styled in slippery
mantras, arched in violin bows…

Sheets of music kissing my face,
as we create pieces of master….

We dream in watercolors…
I rise in yellows as purple blooms,
admiring the way you look on me….


Haunted to see beauty on the blurs
of insanity….

Quietly content in the madness
that stills, looks through transparency…

Black, white bloodied sails, soaring,
no where to go, just to the edge
of consciousness….

Along the way, I leave impressions,
losing myself as I go, as once there,
but disappears, washed, cleansed,
in mindless mumbles….

Echoes follow, melodies on corpses

Shattered fragments scatter on the lips
of lovers, only to be release on rainy days…

Ancestry slices of myself I leave at my
birth, only to be resurrected onto my

Hues running away, imprisoning
ashy flakes in solemn condolences….

Black smears burn my eyes once
again seeing your beauty….



What teases your senses, stirs goosebumps that flitter down, hiding
in enigmas….

I want to see that dark gloss that eclipses your
opticalsĀ as if I your prey….

Make me afraid as you circle, tips grazing,
lightly nipping….

I want to know how dangerous
you could get, with me, playing
in shadows, just hearing me breathe,
no other sound…..

How you would touch me…gingerly,
harshly, reddening my flesh
in whispered dares….

When mouths finally meet
how you would feed, tongue
enslaving, suckling, me becoming

Would you part me just to dip inside,
over my petals, creating pearls,
to hear me beg, arch into your
starved thirst as you taste, indulge
in me…..

More and more of me falls to the
floor creating puddles of snowflakes,
my gift to you….

Would you call my name in raspy
growls as you drop between illusions,
just to inhale me….

If I hid, would you stalk, on all fours,
smelling my arousal, as it wets your

How you would use me in taboo
ways, twist me to your liking….

I want to imagine you filling me,
crushing, crumbling, encasing
my trembles in endless mockery…..
Just come….get me……

My spirit….feels……..for….
In another life we cruised,
touched the others

light, in passing, auras blending
for all eternal…..

Here, another life breathed into
me, misplaced, detached, can’t find

I stir to find you
there, asleep, maybe my Cerberus…..

The misery of my heart
beating one strum instead of

Light falls, slumbers, when
my pulse wakes, when I
want you against me, when
you become night, wolfish….

Orb smiles waken, somewhere
behind my fluttered lids you
remain, deep inside, where the
shades of seasons pass, through
my eyes you see….
Come back to me…please……

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