What teases your senses, stirs goosebumps that flitter down, hiding
in enigmas….

I want to see that dark gloss that eclipses your
opticals as if I your prey….

Make me afraid as you circle, tips grazing,
lightly nipping….

I want to know how dangerous
you could get, with me, playing
in shadows, just hearing me breathe,
no other sound…..

How you would touch me…gingerly,
harshly, reddening my flesh
in whispered dares….

When mouths finally meet
how you would feed, tongue
enslaving, suckling, me becoming

Would you part me just to dip inside,
over my petals, creating pearls,
to hear me beg, arch into your
starved thirst as you taste, indulge
in me…..

More and more of me falls to the
floor creating puddles of snowflakes,
my gift to you….

Would you call my name in raspy
growls as you drop between illusions,
just to inhale me….

If I hid, would you stalk, on all fours,
smelling my arousal, as it wets your

How you would use me in taboo
ways, twist me to your liking….

I want to imagine you filling me,
crushing, crumbling, encasing
my trembles in endless mockery…..
Just come….get me……