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Along your jaw to your neck I flow
fiery, aglow as I smear on you….

You, gory on my mouth
to charm you even more…

Exquisitely I drain all color
from your pale…

Heaven blushed today on your
I walk away, splattered in red, in


Heart beats fast, under your skin I
want to be….to sniff the air and smell

me around…

I wonder what you do, do when no
one watches, do your eyes become
dark, opaque, do I become a whisper
that travels to places that you keep


I want to play with your subconscious,
slip in mindless theatrical, put on the

best show….for you….

Beloved slumbers as I have come out
to  perform.

Something shadowy in you rises just
underneath, below your flesh ripples,

eclipse, enough light that I see behind
the masquerade….

You call to my darkness as I do yours,

such a disguise that makes me smile,
tongue touching teeth….

You think you know, but you have no idea
what lays within…me….
How I weave you into me, in threads of


You blend so easily, as God is your judge,
and I could be your answer….
Eyes, soft, aware, wonder where your

walls lead, at the end, where pattens make
sense, and I there, in your head….

At your fingertips the world stalls on your
skull, intelligencer…..

Be true, lift the veil, show me….
I am never what you would expect,

or will I ever….

An enigma, easily concocted to fit the
Mother Earth, as you and I are one
and the same…..


Someone else…lies within me,
I can feel them take on my identity,
worm themselves inside my mysteries,
laughing at me because HE know more…

Dark, sensual HE breezes so gently
inside me, taunting, teasing, slowly
making me HIS.

He arouses me, hates me, loves me,
causes me to exploit my uninhibited
side, to indulge, release myself only
to HIS eyes…

Voyeur into HIS Dark fantasies,
and I play HIS part as HE takes over.

For I am HIS vessel into this world,
and I undress for His liking, move the
way HE wants, glistens just like HE

I lick my lips to entice, to make HIM hunger,
crave, and then HE claws my insides, what
a bloody rush to feel HIM trying to get out,
how I bleed, how HE tastes….

I like HIM there, how HE twists me up
to take all of HIM.

I am HIS shadow and HE mine, and who
may emerge one never knows…

I am HIS lover, and HIM mine, I am HIS
lunatic on carnage kisses.

HE explores every inch, pleasure
and pain, all that feels, dissolves
inside me.

You and I, transgender, enveloping
soft folds on erect deception….


Dazzled, frazzled, bedazzled
on psychotic color…

Disturbed, I flower upon
you, on you, your flavored

Clenched, I try to smile,
but all it does is run in
hues, creating more

For I am sugar coated,
wanting to dye on you….


Red Riding Hood riding the
wood, under bloody eyes…

Spiny canopy hides
my riddle….

Misty fingers travel amongst
ghostly cloaks as they hover
on my trembling lip….

Low growling in your throat,
for I belong to you…

You smell my perfume
between my legs, tracing
the air in dainty fingertips,
conjuring fate….

On a breeze I come
to you, on burgundy wisps,
frolicking on my lips as
a snarl erupts, your tongue

Reach words from my mouth,
before they settle, floating,
near death….

Into my neck, where Snow
White dwells, teeth against to
smudge sunsets that will live

Devoured, as I stain your
smile in delicious decadence.

You run savage through my
veins, through bestial astral….

I am yours, the lover
of Luna, silvery touches on
shadowy apparitions…..


The One that watches, touched my tears,
skipped inside my shadows, watched pain
and pleasure cross my face, and death to
forever change me…

Flutter on the edges of my sunrise and
sunset, aware of both souls that bring
such beauty…..

To you, I am haunted by your presence, the hollow
that lays empty with me, only your footprints

Apart of me is missing, misses you, and know
you feel the same….

I wonder many magical things about you,
wondering as you wonder with me….

If you sit quietly, watching me breathe,
keeping me safe as I dream….

Just maybe, you are my Muse, bringing
my words to life, another entity inside

You drift with my spirit as easy
as a breeze, not daring to ripple
my thoughts.

My silent composer……
My blessings, my sins sit upon your
shaded hues, blending chaotic symmetry….

Even in madness, you were just another

I walk into the sun, silhouettes cross
cross, taking another path….

Time slows, the growl of the
grim reaper echoes….

A tale of winter is told, sobs
make snow angels, and a trumpet
is thrown, laid to rest as you leave
me this trinket…..

To you…maybe, one day, you will
slumber, and maybe, one day
our eyes will catch the others
in a daydream……

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