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Born into a womb that

that was never touched

consecrated by lust,

teased into submission…

Magical hands you

dealt out to the weak,

poor, sick, all to sacrifice

their souls for YOUR


You followed the wicked

on fortunes told by

YOUR Jehovah!

Preached, backwards, forwards,

the circle formed in the

name of fallen stars…

YOU, the gospel of truth

on OCD, or maybe,

it was LSD….

YOU were found out as

wine turned into blood,

and we drank and drank,

drunk on your beastly body….

You hung, pierced for

unholy feasts, and

now you walk the earth while

we suffer in sin…..

2014 - 1

In both worlds, sin to each

Light wept as darkness
turned tears to onyx…

Storms emerged as rays
dried salty seductions….

Angels play on dark violins,
weaving taboo melodies, creating
sensual silhouettes…

I want to dance in shadowy
foreplay amongst your thoughts,
silencing Hell from agonized screams…

I will rain twinkling stars down, simmering
your soul if only for a time as you will take my
breath away….

We will ride upon the other in frenzied
orgasms, see who could part first….

As the sun, I will walk with you through
fields of color, as you steal a kiss from
me under the fullness of the moon, her
moans echoing throughout space and time…

We are one and the same, slicing the
other in fragmented dimensions, creating
life and death, only to fall back into the arms
of the other, a love that could never survive
without a sunrise or a sunset, or us making
love to create such beauty…


I play with hearts, souls, minds,

and in moments, I

turn back time….

Eyes lock, slowly we go,

and I sway as you watch,

roaming, what you are going

to do to me….

Closer you walk…to me…

against me, I come to

life, breast erect, painful,

engorged, uptight to unravel…

You pressed, feel you raised

on my back, causing me to

ripple, come undone….

Mouth on neck, teeth play

along my veins….

Head back, I sigh into you,

swiftly you turn me to your face,

eyes go dark and I know then

what you have been hiding….

You walk me to the wall,

a growl emerges deep, desperate

to finish me off….

Lips meet, tongue masterbates

my insides….

Clothes pulled, torn, flesh


You take me hard, violent,

and just when I want to give up,

you push me further, twisting,

demanding, and you never

let me release, daring me

as you show no remorse for

my whimpers, shudders

to be free….


Twice, death had its place inside my heart, the

the beats playing my sad song….

You didn’t sing the blues or watch my little

fingers grow to musical notes…

I laid and listened to your rhythm, the moment

ours and ours alone…

You gave me the most precious gift of all,

you, your love, and we created a song….

I was that child that was lost, then was found…

Inside, I felt you grow, a place you can now

call home….

Death wiped my tears, life echoed “I will

love you forever, this is not final”….

I will hear you breathe again….

paul and francis

Blend, flow, intact in natures glow…
Rose vines weave, talk to the other
fragrant foreplay…

You, I entwined forever under Gods grace…
Bell chimes, I give a laugh, a sparkle in my
eyes, just to tickle, greet you once more…

Tears I catch of you, diamonds reflecting you
in my palm, as I blow them out at Mother Earth,
she inhales, sending my love back to you over
and over again…

I remember the life you gave me when our
eyes met, and our hearts bloomed into the other…

I remember you on my chest as you lay cross ways,
hearing me beat one last time, taking me
into you, eternal, as I, you….
This is a poem I wrote for my aunt whom was
married to my uncle that just died this past May.
It was hard on all of us to say goodbye…..


You enter my thoughts, laying in
a meadow, mischievous, dark,
brooding, waiting, simmering,
just on the edge of…..

I feel myself start to sparkle,
tears playing peek-a-boo….

Body flushed, and know you would
be pleased….

Fingers travels to sinister smiles
as breathing rushes to greet you…

Folds part, misty welcomes…
I close my eyes, teeth in lip
as I enter summer, watching the
sun on your face, breeze kissing
your skin…

Nipples hard, imaging your mouth
on me as I arch into you…

I move faster, harder, wanting to
be free, liquified for you…

I spread wider, daydreaming of
teeth tasting points.

Mouth in a O and I come for you
and only you…..


Night waits for you to sleep, one…two…three….
You, running through a field, aglow by the moon,
faster and faster you pound the earth on paws of
beastly melodies….

Time dissolves as you float upon spheres….
Your body arches, space stops as you
sniff the air, find me, lingering on the
edge of your doze…

You shift, human form, circle me,
what is yours, and now what is mine…

I still, heart stops,  your hand touches
my chest, alive I am once more….

Mouth close, catches a bead on my neck,
savoring with tongue, taking within….

My hand reaches out, you
ripple beneath me, surging to make
me falling stars, as I rain
upon you, skin wet, aroused.

Up, behind me, you spell against my
spine, teeth exposed as you taste,
my face lifting to the moon…

I run red, you on your knees to catch,
greedy to not share with nature.

You finger back up against me, hands
sink into my flesh, winds in my hair
as you read my mind, knowing how to
solve me….

You growl into my neck, turning me
inside out, all exposed for your eyes
to feast….

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