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I would love to see you dressed in me, red

where i bled.

Sticky fingers and all, where i

wept and moaned, i, just on loan…

Slip and slide, you couldn’t decide

whether to eat or repeat…

*Image taken from Pinterest*




Tick-Tock and the clock knots….

Here i lay twisted in pink and purrs and you

snoring, ignoring….

My girls want to be be free you see, so,

i obliged, keeping secrets under the

covers, for lovers….

*Picture taken from Pinterest: “La Petite Mort”. French School, 18th Century | Lot | Sotheby’s *



Let me taste you slowly and drown in your waters Baptismal rites Let your moans slowly ascend upward Melting interlocking fingers Burning liquid and flaming tongues. . .

via Lingerie Literature — CableScript



Bleeding blooms, bipolar moods, and i think

of you…

Mind drifts, lifts, hoping you never

feel them….

I the fool YOU tried to woo…..

Feathers faded happily ever after, then

you became shaded, braided….

I learned that YOU were one of the

many devils roaming this earth,

all disguised to hypnotize….

I finally woke, took a toke, and

POOF, YOU were gone, me sitting

on my throne!

*afira: AFIRA IN ICE QUEEN Photographer:Sing Lo  Model: Liv Free *



























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