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Exposed Emotions

We glow, like marbles
Crunch and glisten, in the palms
Of a magician,

Comes with a circumference,
We get none although,

We’re floating balloons,
Flying from earth reaching moon,
Our lone ambition,
Is to elevate in love,
We are magic on our own,

We glitter golden,
In each other’s eyes so bright,
More than diamonds,

That melts on our tongue,
The saccharine ecstasy
Won’t ever dwindle,

We’re floating balloons,
Flying from earth reaching moon,
Our lone ambition,
Is to elevate in love,
We are magic on our own,

And above.

- Mhomed Waleed @ Deviantart – Mhomed Waleed @ Deviantart

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H.M. Nolan

Now nothing before me
but these fleeting things
Or so it seems
in between moonlit dreams
I would dance on clouds
although it’s not allowed
but even monsters
long for beautiful things.

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Sometimes, miracles can happen

in the smallest of places…..


You know what pleases me in the early

morning, how to make me flow…

Mouth in pillow, catching my lips,

released on tips….

A bite on my inner thigh, pleasure sealed……


Sometimes when the time

is right, a breeze stirs, Spring yawns,

and childhood giggles…..


Sensual Beauty-1
outdoors in the breeze her gaze drifts between the lines of magick

a few phantom clouds move in her direction omitting not a single step

bracing herself as meaningful images develop floating passively before her eyes

listening to the wispy sounds of the wind she hears the unheard impressions of the dark

not resisting the urge she becomes lulled by the drifting motions

her mind fills✴her body enjoys

as the sensual beauty of the unseen breeze takes her…Sensual Beauty-1

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