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Fluttered Silence

The Silence of Innocence....

Picture taken by a woman from Russia of her child…

Gentle red reaches out as
ominous bends, protrudes in grotesque

Pint-sized piddles lays eyes
to the heavens, as spooky
finds color in elongated tendrils…

Hues tangle on sympathy, on
the smiles of the dead…

Strange only have shadows, never
weeping rainbows….

For a short time silhouettes
flush, the grey curtain parted,
rays of whimsical giggle and

White gloved fingers steal the nights breath
as it covers the mouth of the earth.

Silencing the land in a raspy voice to lay
and listen…

Listen as Santa’s twinkle teases us with holiday.
Rosy nature plays in the heavenly tears, like
a blessing of rebirth.

Petals so soft touch my tongue, entering like
a lover, melting against my warmth.

Paling the sky with silvery Christmas
draping down in tinsel.
Stilled, blanket covers in solemn prayers….


Dirty pavements walk it’s lonely journey
in black and white.

Seasons pass on your stranded lips,
only to open and swallow you whole.

Cars pass, not a notice of your presence,
just that of their hungry lives.

Their breaths wave at you, slapping
you in the face.

The sun warms your surface, never
the embrace of a hug.

The wind pushes you alone, a long
forgotten touch, but never gets
you where you need to go…

You hitch for the company, expressions
never find their way to faces…

Days pass in weary shadows, death
the forgiveness you need.

Leaves the reminder of memories gone,
snow the renewal, flowers that will never
adorn your grave.

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