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The desert has a way of letting you

read it’s mind, tasting it’s parched lips,

cracked as I run my lips across it….

I am so thirsty, salty delicious, primal,

exploring papered roads, yellowed,

adorned by fingertips…..

Worn and used, I love the way

you save me for a rainy day….

Eyes tease, nibble, leaving earthly


I wonder where all my bones went,

buried, decayed, played upon

vulgar consumption….

I prickle, tickle, reaching for the

sun, my personal slaughter on the

alter, citrus kisses running down

between my legs, causing me

to smile for miles…..

Wider, wilder, burn devour,

baked, crunchy in your mouth…

Night comes, spreading me in white,

now I sleep as you dry in crannies,

fanny up, waiting, perched for you to insert…..


You make me ache, swell, where I

want you to dwell….

Teeth in lip, making me wet, hoping

your skin will damp as you feel me

drip, tick….

Flesh hot, can’t breathe, don’t

be gentle with me….

Fingers placed on my secrets yet
to be discovered…one by one….


I flutter, utter, shall I call

your name as I ride high, head

back in a sigh?

Hair rainy, hazy, droplets on

your chest, pressed kisses….

Hands on thighs opening me wide,

make me sore, filling my core,

ripe, plush as I gush, ripping me

to shreds all around you….

Read my back, finger my tresses,

their dark stories waiting to be told….

Damage, crack me, bleed me till I cry…

Mask over lips, muffled as I ripple into you,

as we crash, bodies contorted, possessed….

We slap together in rhythm and rhyme,

hoping to collide….

We bathe in each others sea,

and I want to drown in you,

as you into me….

Brutal, bloodthirsty, we swim

in crimson….

In rips and tips, we become one

in skips of time and daydreams,

we will always have this, cryptic

spells that will never tell….



Up against me, hard, raised vertical,

glistening at the tip, jeweled….

I like to wear you, on my skin,

anemic, your dolly….

Hand up under my shirt,

my heartbeat feels you there,

wanting kisses to drag, freely


Nipples pout, finger nips,

breathing rushes to greet…..

Mouth on my neck, feel your

teeth tease, I, getting stuck there,

a aftertaste for later…..

Lower still on bare fables,

wet folds to keep your place….

Tell me your story, in my ear

as you explore sequels….

On my back you you peel my petals,

tongue licking the dew, oh, how I

flow for you…down…..

You build, sculpt me to

slowly make me crumble

all around you…..

You read me backwards,

spread, open to only you…..

My mouth bows like a heart,

as you stencil sketches inside me,

fucking on Gods time…..



I want to walk on the edge of night, the moon

licking at my silhouette, straddling both,

fucking each, together, in unison…

Body arches, curves in obscenity,

as I ride saintly demons…

My lips wet, red, ready to come

completely undone, to peel you

from my teeth….

Lines I indent in your skin, places

we have been, places we have yet

to travel…..

Would you dare let me indulge… on you,

dance upon your fallen soul?

I will strip you bare, veins like straws to

my mouth as you blemish me…

Frosted pale with candy cane stripes,

creating artistry….

I saved you on the tip of my tongue,

and I swell and grow erect, entering

every crevice to spawn the living, the

dead, running down you in sin,

holy matrimony…..

This is how I see love, how it feeds,

spills onto me, into me, making me

scream, bruising tasty mastery,

as I spell you, winding fingers

to create madness……

I so enjoy repeating your story,

stirring bloody potions as I suck

you dry, my thirsty treat….

You pour all over me in divine


You lay carcass style as I walk away

chewing fingers of your remains….

Famished, somber, sleepy, I am

now sated, for now, all is safe……




I make love to strings that master me

like puppets…..

Snowy angels call me home, but

do I dare leave my love song behind?

I was yours the first time I strummed

melodies, fingers in foreplay, virginal….

You turned my heart into a ballad, my

first breath into you….

I slept, dreaming of you, drifting

in ghostly silver….

I never imagined I would fall onto

your earth, your hymn…..

You brought me back….to you

If I stayed…..


Up on all fours, you will never

break my heart again…

I am So high all you’ll ever

be able to see is my thighs,

wrapped around your head,

dipped on my clit…..

Or… legs wrapped around

you, as you bury your sins deep,

bodies you have fucked long before


Raw, opened, I don’t want to feel,

just spread, waiting for someone to

taste my tears, feel me tremble….

My soul blurs, but YOU will never

know how my rhythm repeats or


Red will never bloom in me again,

all that will remain is night, a misty V

to be devoured over and over again….

My blues will part when I come, but

you will never see, oh, no never see

my lips in a O, just sounds of colors,

of me bleeding……


Cursed in chaotic gossamer,

sinister limbs could crawl you for

days, intertwined, messy madness…

Tattle and tickle, I can be fickle,

and time will soon run out….

The bloom of my third eye sees

only scarlet to feast on you…..

I want to dine on you in silk, liquified


Always the lady, never leaving

a morsel to be found.

Your token to me, you’ll always

leave a part of you within me…..

I was told to never play with my


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