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I’m in love with something dead, in my head….

I convinced myself on bookshelves I wasn’t

in love on golf clubs,  but, yes,  after you passed,

cast aside, hard, cold,  crumbled in ash, my

heart stashed, this was the final good bye

to souls lost, found on the other side, dyed

in smudges and judges, my only hope

for you is that you find a different

heart from the start, a Valentine to

drape you in red, to open up that

box, and you let HER in just because

she wasn’t me, never was, and now

I know because I let you go…….





Slow kisses turned into bruising hisses….

Nooks and crannies explored, I adored….

Flesh laid open, and you indulge, drinking

until I drown,  now your crown…..

Trails, marks you leave, Believe on my wrist,

leaving me in a mist….

Now, you are gone, but, I still feel you,

your scent in my veins, chains me…to…you

Pulsing, your scent, forever within me, the

key that always was, in waves of 19, as angels

tell a tale of you and I…….




We whirled, twirled under the world, breath taken,

never debating it was you all along under the stars…..synchronicity….




That he is adorable, so much younger than me,

but, could he be the key to unlocking…me…..

His eyes like the skies, i want to dip and fly…in


His hair neat, calm, and imagine getting

tangled there, just to hear his breath against

my neck….

I’d like to taste him, hard, soft, maybe, teases

just to see shadows cross over, the afterlife waiting,

baiting, will he, or won’t he….?

Could praying hands touch sin and still


He knows…because i told him so…..


The Skin I Live In: Jedrek Pordzik + Konstantin Vasiliev by Ian Chiang

A spider fell in love with the sun, The way his light made her work sparkle. So she spun her thread, To be close, For just one moment. Because spiders know, You can’t hold onto anything, Forever.

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I feel you in my depths Our soul connection In the deepest parts Two lives intertwined Becoming one life Two hearts beat as one These minds share thoughts Two become one A mystery revealed Time and space Do not constrain We move beyond Becoming one heart One soul One mind Our love breathes Our life […]

via Connected — Phoenix Risen



Standing in the morning light gazing, dazing,

wondering what you are thinking….when my heart

is breaking…..

You gave me glimpses, but, you would rather talk

to trees to those who believed….

Strolling in purple fields laughing at the

wind, your twin….

Your spirit remains, contains in the end,

where you blend….whispering in the trees

that carry your breeze….


*I wrote this poem when my husband passed that was

also featured in his service. I dedicate this poem with

my heart and soul to all that he was*

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