I cry, tears tumble, fall
gracefully down my cheeks, a
extra beat it takes for

Eyes close, take a breath,
torn into, no sense of

I just want to spill,
onto your soul, so you
can feel my ache wrapped
inside this shell…

To take me away…
Forever is not long enough
to feel you….

Exhale, maybe, on your flesh
just to capture you, save
you as I was meant

I was always the one,
and you were always the
one to love me….

I can never get enough
of you, to breathe you
into me, afraid you will
just disappear….

I am pieces of your
heart, missing, what you have
been searching for, but it
may be too late as
time runs out….

Our footprints together, rushing
in the waves….

Death waits once again for
us to be reborn….
I will miss you until
that times comes, and hope
you will always know that
I search for you and
only you, and as I
break, you put me back
You into me, unceasingly…..