e5947117e659f31a743af5a840c289f8Draped on my lips in raspberry kisses,

you dance for me in red puddles….

I love the way you sway, skip to my mouth-

candy apple….

You, my cherry blossom, blooming on the

edge of ache….

I wanted to be yours, but NOW YOU are


Auburn sunset, making me dizzy, drinking

my lucidity….

I painted a portrait of you today, while

roses danced on my grave, me

birthing your creation….

Blotched on rockstar, murdered on my skin,

I want you to be dirty on me….

I make you rain down, lines crossed,

anointed, holy feast….

Slippery, my insides aroused

as you fuck each organ, veins

licking for more….

Lips part, taking all you give,

eyes closed, I doze, dream

of orgies, one by one bodies


At my feet you spill in plume

hues, all that remains is

virginal prayers, dead before

Christ bowed HIS head……