I wonder how it would feel as silver sliced

your skin, just deep enough to teach blood to


I wonder if your reflection would be that of pain or

pleasure, maybe, both….

Would they blend, extend into fiendish grins….

My head bends as my tongue rushes out to

part your flesh, to blur life and death….

I want you to snarl, growl, a warning

as I become blood thirsty….

I run along your skies in red,

you naked, waiting for the next


Your arousal braids with each touch,

taunting you in splashes, as I stroll


I go deeper and you arch as I tangle into…you….

You trickle in streams, pleased….

Eyes roll back, drop to Hell, zigzag, never tell….

You flood around my feet in wet scarlet, sluring

my words….

My sweet sleep I whisper from my lips,