You make me ache, swell, where I

want you to dwell….

Teeth in lip, making me wet, hoping

your skin will damp as you feel me

drip, tick….

Flesh hot, can’t breathe, don’t

be gentle with me….

Fingers placed on my secrets yet
to be discovered…one by one….


I flutter, utter, shall I call

your name as I ride high, head

back in a sigh?

Hair rainy, hazy, droplets on

your chest, pressed kisses….

Hands on thighs opening me wide,

make me sore, filling my core,

ripe, plush as I gush, ripping me

to shreds all around you….

Read my back, finger my tresses,

their dark stories waiting to be told….

Damage, crack me, bleed me till I cry…

Mask over lips, muffled as I ripple into you,

as we crash, bodies contorted, possessed….

We slap together in rhythm and rhyme,

hoping to collide….

We bathe in each others sea,

and I want to drown in you,

as you into me….

Brutal, bloodthirsty, we swim

in crimson….

In rips and tips, we become one

in skips of time and daydreams,

we will always have this, cryptic

spells that will never tell….