Up against me, hard, raised vertical,

glistening at the tip, jeweled….

I like to wear you, on my skin,

anemic, your dolly….

Hand up under my shirt,

my heartbeat feels you there,

wanting kisses to drag, freely


Nipples pout, finger nips,

breathing rushes to greet…..

Mouth on my neck, feel your

teeth tease, I, getting stuck there,

a aftertaste for later…..

Lower still on bare fables,

wet folds to keep your place….

Tell me your story, in my ear

as you explore sequels….

On my back you you peel my petals,

tongue licking the dew, oh, how I

flow for you…down…..

You build, sculpt me to

slowly make me crumble

all around you…..

You read me backwards,

spread, open to only you…..

My mouth bows like a heart,

as you stencil sketches inside me,

fucking on Gods time…..