The desert has a way of letting you

read it’s mind, tasting it’s parched lips,

cracked as I run my lips across it….

I am so thirsty, salty delicious, primal,

exploring papered roads, yellowed,

adorned by fingertips…..

Worn and used, I love the way

you save me for a rainy day….

Eyes tease, nibble, leaving earthly


I wonder where all my bones went,

buried, decayed, played upon

vulgar consumption….

I prickle, tickle, reaching for the

sun, my personal slaughter on the

alter, citrus kisses running down

between my legs, causing me

to smile for miles…..

Wider, wilder, burn devour,

baked, crunchy in your mouth…

Night comes, spreading me in white,

now I sleep as you dry in crannies,

fanny up, waiting, perched for you to insert…..