This Mortal Flesh

I write because I must

There can be no denial of this anymore

I am all things to all people

An empath that feels your pain

and puts it into word

gives it form…

I am cast aside on the home front

a prophet with no honor in his own land

But my words can reach you

teach you–save you

If even at the cost of myself…

I break for you

I lay my soul before you

Bleed the dying darkness for you

Without a thought for myself

This is the truest love

To bear all

To ease the pains of a stranger

To trade my life for yours

I could give you no greater honor…

These words are true

From the recesses of my spirit

I, like my master before me

Would die that you may live

This life of mystique laden shadow

and masking smiles

Is not for…

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