Are you…wanna be my fuck boy, toy?

To turn the moon blood red while giving you


I’ve always known love was not for me, you see….

Can I straddle while you paddle…..me…..please…..?

I’ve dreamed of you a million times until you finally

become real, my thrill….

I want to become soppy wet, my pet as your

fingertips pretend to drift on bliss as my eyes

roll back, riding you, if only your mother knew…..

Between the pews we play instead of pray as

God watches, cusses….

So long and lean, your hands run red as you trace,

heart race, meeting blue skies and tied dyes…..

I run in fields of gold, flowing through pink flowers,

as we blend, bend, taking you deep, playing for keeps….

Mouth on me, stirring Heaven in my veins, insane…..

I gush, rush, and I don’t want to be saved….

You, the sunlight, me, your dark dream….

I wonder what you would sound like when you come,

would you say my name in shame…..stay

hard, in charge….?

We, sinners, having each other for dinner….

I wipe my mouth, eyes meet, famished all over