I use to love coloring the playroom maroon, fire

copper, rust, wine, burgundy, scarlet, your harlot….

I was open, and you fed me with a spoon, tasted myself,

never learned my lesson….

I became absent, distracted…i was always the sensitive

one, nothing special about me…

I liked being hidden, but you brought out

another side in me….

I could never follow through in life…ready

to give up, sip the cup…..

No one could teach me, i had to learn by

myself…so i looked in the mirror

for answers….

In this life i was never really suppose to

enjoy pleasure, even when you were deep

inside me, or when your mouth was soaking

up my pussy, and i finally gave in….it was never


I thought pain would piece me together, and i pretended

it would, smiles that dazzled, kisses that saved me from


Laying in silence as breathing seemed tortured, demeaning,

while you slept, and i wept..this would be the last night….

I was too twisted to ever be loved and no one would

ever understand my laughs, or i could just be high

on life….

No sir, and so now, you will be apart of the playroom

forever…in bits and pieces……