Well, another year has almost gone by…it seems like after my birthday which is in October, the holidays are right here whether we are ready or not. Here Thanksgiving is upon us, and here I am feeling so blessed and thankful in my life. I have a wonderful family, friends, church family, have a job, am able to pamper myself when I can, and SO thankful of the many blessings my life has.

It’s like I am acknowledging to a higher power that I have been “stilled” enough to notice the universe and I have been beating to the same pulse, and my life is aligned on the right path, and for that I am giving gratitude.



My life and surroundings is not perfect by all means, as we all know life hands us some tough crap at times, but in in these times of contentment, we truly see the simple things in life as beautiful halos.



The three most thankful things are that my relationship with my grandfather has gotten so much better, someone who I look upon as a father figure, and secondly, my relationship with my sister has been stronger than it has been in years, and we are like best friends, and lastly, a angel has come into my life that has completely changed my life, to help me see that magic is around every corner and that there are many who work behind the scenes so to speak who watch and protect us. I am thankful for my silliness, my depth and just to be plain weird, just being happy with who I am. So, this Thanksgiving, be thankful in the moment, surrounded by love and laughter, and just for a time, let time stand still to see some of that magic….


 From me to you, have a blessed