This Mortal Flesh

I’ve felt it every now and again
yet it is so hard to describe
maybe it is a true sense of peace?

But this is different for everyone.
Sometimes I feel it when my mind strays…
out of the physical plane
and on to a plateau in the aether
thoughts of crisp autumn breezes
the bright blue skies
effaced on the horizon by changing leaves
oranges, burgundies, gold
and then I feel it—peace
almost like I can just dream myself there

other times I feel it
when my mind escapes into darkness
aloft in the night—again with cool breezes
shimmering stars and planets lighting the sky
the smell of jasmine or lilac

I wish I could bottle up this peace
drink of it forever
maybe this is what heaven is…

Matthew – 2015
© 2015 This Mortal Flesh

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