d4b8e6dd06f6cf61744e328ddd297864My soul recognizes yours…

Something about the way your hair looks like

the sun, then your eyes change to night….

Towering, I wonder what you see so high…

Does Heaven perch just out of sight, biting

its nails?

Your blues turn to psychotic twist, can I

have a taste?

I wonder how your mind beats, what tone you

would make….

Would you take me with you, my teenage crush?

I ponder, would you get on your knees, pray

to me, drink my oil dangling between my legs….

Could I taste innocence, only for a short time,

as I climb upon your limbs, making your harder….

I imagine how your fingers would feel on me,

the pads moving slowly, or in a hurry to

bury inside me, hide for a little while

in white…..

Maybe, just maybe, you will pull out,

crawl away, my sin on your lips……