Not sure why, but I like to indulge

in the aftertaste of thoughts….

you awake, I sleep, I dream,

you stray…there….

Hairs stand on end, where

I begin…..

I would like to taste fantasy

on your fingertips, watch you

watch me…..

Maybe, I like cheap thrills,

never sated, mouth to the

sky, but not a drop, as I rush

with heat, toes painted….

Maybe, I need you like the sand,

raw, digging deep into my pores….

No, I need you dark, no sunlight,

no rays to slip me in a daze…..

I want to be consumed, a little,

not a lot, is that so much to ask?

I want to wrap my brain around you,

to pick away your memories, and only

leave me….

When you think of me, you wonder in

fields of moonlight, trying to catch my

silhouettes never to be forgotten….

I like to tease, savor you between

clenched teeth, turning me cloudy,

you and I playing in puddles….

My skin damp as you watch trails

of color paint me, slave me….

Will you be mine, just mine as we

dance slow?