I have drunk desire before
But nothing like the fire in my bones
Conflagrant within,
At your touch
I see it mirrored in your eyes,
Smoldering topaz,
Burning it to coal

Grunts and growls
Moans and screams
We are animals,hunting ;
You are preying on me
And I am drinking you in
High on the creamy manna
Ambrosia couldn’t taste better than this

I know now why they call it destruction
When two planets crash,
When you jounce into me
I can see colliding stars
Exploding senses
Like its the end of the world

Then the waves wash over and away
And I am drained of words
I close my eyes
Unwilling to watch you leave
Make no noise,
Disappear like a dream
I could believe,
It happened in my head
But you left scratches all over my skin

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