3bc13060e268c4f7deacd9456e109439Let’s play a game…..

You will do everything I say….

No matter what, your eyes will

stay with mine, waiting for my

lips to touch the air, breeze you,

tease you….

Hold your head back, let me

see your throat, see you breathe…

Your chest heaves up and down, and

I want to see more of you….

Look at me….

Run your hands through your hair,

I want you messy….

Trail your hands down your front,

part your thighs on a sigh…..

Wet your lips….

Undress, bare your soul only

to me….

Now, insert your finger, do not

make a sound, I want to hear you

get wet for me….

Now turn, face the wall,

I am going to fuck you….