bebdf508f45cb1a091054f678d85105eYes, I think there needs to be a change this year…the biggest one

for me is to stay away from negative people, if NOT completely

then take them in sips on my OWN terms. Maybe, this year a

job will come along. I will keep believing in myself, let the

magic that is ME take form, lead me to my fate, and my faith….

I will learn and grow. Maybe, not tell too much of my personal

life to people in my physical life, because NOT a lot of people

I trust…maybe, I need to be more mysterious, make people

wonder;) I will love myself, and know there will be good days,

bad days, and that is just life. I will love those closest to me,

but learn NOT to expect so much, and try NOT to be such a

perfectionist. I will be me….

Last, but not least, I will continue to write with my whole

soul, make people feel, take them out of their comfort

zones, maybe, even turn them on, but I will be true to

who I am when I write, exploring that darker side of me.

So, I thank you my followers for walking in the shadows

with me, trusting me to taking you down mysterious,

sexual, macabre alleys, taking my hand, keeping you safe.

So, as 2014 ends, and 2015 begins, I wish you and yours a

very happy New Year, and I look forward to more amazing

work for those that I follow…..see you next year:)

81e255e0ceeca98084787662c4f7814cPS….I promise I will keep taking you on forbidden journeys,

if you dare;)……A