b6df32cfb091c12dc8a2c2e0d7552d25When night comes I astral among graves,

walk barefooted as souls touch between

my toes with summery licks, making me damp….

I float, hoping sleep will catch me, tickle me

close, doze if just for a little while….

Would you be my one on one, I flutter,

eyes become butterflies, just my disguise….

I’ve strolled with blood on my hands as wings

made my escape….

I’ve sung love songs in my head until I was

drenched in homicide, my suicide…..

I’ve wondered your halls while you slept, wept,

downed your tears in a shot to make me numb….

I swirled you in my mouth, got high, before I

spit you out….

Can I partake of your dreams tonight, to dose

our toes, sinking sand in pores?

I indulged your bulge when I said I loved you,

your fictitious little beast….

You wouldn’t have wanted me any other

way, just as twisted as you….

Now, I am awake……