Sometimes I just want someone, someone to take

me to that place, that place of being uninhibited,

where black and blue dwells, where lust will stain

me for days, maybe weeks…to know you trailed

down my flesh, and anytime I look there, I can travel

back there….

Where your mouth met my soul and took me within

you, where I strayed through veins and fed…

Sometimes, I just want to twist my legs around

you, gnarled into your husk, deep, making you

bleed, need me forever….

I fuck your truck, following the beat of

your heart, smiling red…..

We color sunsets in their darkest fantasies,

singing lullabies to nightmares….

I want to ride high on you, through my nose,

holes I created for you to creep in…..

Hands on my throat as I come, tangle

in your fingerprints, embedded, echos

of tattoos….

Sometimes, I just want to be a evil spread, buttered

on candy kisses you eat, as you digest me, rocking my

hips as you enter inch by inch…..

My ass wiggles, giggles…..

Sometimes, I want silver to sliver, to watch

death cross over as I cry, deny I was ever there……