Well, another year has gone by, as the saying goes “the older you get, the faster it goes.” That

is a true statement for sure LOL!!! This year I won’t have my uncle or dad, but I am still so

blessed in my life to be given what I have. I have some amazing people in my life for sure.

If any of you read my “the many facets of me” you will know that indeed I go to church, if

you didn’t know you probably would be surprised as hell to find out, especially with the

very dark and sexual poetry I write. That is another side of me, and I do have a very lighter

side. I am on the visiting team at my church, actually the leader of it, and we all made gift

baskets to some of the elderly members. I bought the baskets and cards, some candles, and

some battery powered candles. Some of the other ladies bought small samples of things

like hand sanitizer, chap stick, lotion etc…

Some of the members we gave baskets to where at church, so we went ahead and gave them

their baskets there.

There is this one man that goes to my church and he was the local fire chief that is now

retired. He is respected by many in our community and in our church. I bought him this

plaque that said “all superheros don’t wear capes”….he was moved to tears and I gave him

a big hug. I love moving people, giving in profound moments. It moves me as well….

So, us ladies had a light lunch with some laughs, and went to visit two people, one being

my aunt who was married to my uncle. The first lady we went to see was Helen, who has been

having some health issues. She is such a bright lady with these big blue eyes that doesn’t seem

to miss anything. Her house is cozy, holds loving memories of the past, ghosts I feel wonder

close, protecting. There is this beautiful big oil painting in her living room of a owl she did herself,

which I admired when I go and see her. When we were leaving, I went over to her, and she grabbed

my hand, held on with the strength I am sure she endured in her younger years, and I helped

her up, she still holding on to me. When we all left she hugged us all as she had greeted us.

Moments like that to me are poetic….

Then, we went to see my aunt, and we laughed, cut up, and probably talked about things we

shouldn’t have, so even church ladies can have fun LOL!!! I love getting and giving gifts, but

yesterday it was a combination of both, and for that, I feel I am truly blessed…..