There’s something about you I want to smell,


I wonder if I could make you eager to please,

to eat….

Beads trail, glisten, uncovering you….

Still your breath just t hear my body move around

you, slow dancing….

I want to wonder through your flesh like a

meadow, toes dipped deep, touching the soul

as sun kissed my face….

I want you served before me, my meal….

Pick my teeth with your bones, scaring

butterflies, pulling wings to paint on me…

I’ve feasted upon natures lips, drinking rainbows

from the trunks of trees, while carpets of green

watched with envy….

So many ways I have dined on the

divine, so many more I want to lick

from my tips….

I want you to rush, burst in my mouth


Flavor me a million different ways, breed

me, make me greedy…..

I wasn’t ever meant to love, hearts were to be


I was meant to be splattered in red…..

Your spine is mine, gnarled to make me raw,

in the end you will be my demise….