I, as in you came from the stars….

Somewhere out there you still roam,

tip to tip you light up….

My stomach flutters when I think of

you, chilled, so far away you are…

I bet you’re in love with music like I

am, somehow putting me in your

space if just for a short time, melodies

touching our skin at the same time,

my breath there…on you….

I am missing……

I am on the verge of being awake, and

I can’t…..

My heart aches, trickles, slowly losing myself…

Skin silver, maybe, then you will find me….

Come back to me…..

Love will not beat for me, not one tune to

arise, always a disguise….

Pulse cursed, no matter how much I claw,

rip, I remain just bones….

I fucked Destiny from behind, opened

cosmos just to drink her, down my

throat she wondered, but she never

gave me a peek, just a tease…..

I begged and pleaded, but she swam

in my tears, splashed them to the next time….

Washed, flesh covered, I will make me all

over again….