I wonder who you are, why there is sadness in your eyes….

Could I even dare bring you to life, could I even live

to tell your story?

Dancing with the devil dyed you bloody….

more than one occasion….

Red flushes, gushes stain, pain you….

Does the wind talk to you, cause you

to see ghostly apparitions float by on

colors that should belong to you?

Would you smudge blushes all over me,

just to fill me with madness, to want more?

Come to me, sit in my sleep, carve me deep….

You will be my secret….

You see, I am like you, I ache, tingle for

the next fix, and alone I roam….

I wish I could breath you to wake, to feel

you cool beneath my fingers, for you to beat, repeat

my rhythm….

To dance under nights breeze, just you and I,

as the air sings above and below us…..

Find my soul, and life I will

give you…..