Why can’t I be me without shadows dwelling, compelling me to


My soul hides, divides, becoming someone else….

I’ve hung myself many times, but never die….

I am manly, womanly, insane, dribbling riddles

from my mouth….

I wonder why I have to fuck with emotions, either

bend over or spread, I just need to be fed….

I sin with white collars on, and dined on fiendish


They walk my dark halls, weaving in and

out, passing me around, one right after the

other….I am famished…..

I never know who I am, seeing the other

side of after…life…..

Apart of me wants Heaven, the other Hell….

Why can’t I have both, being wicked in white….

I like to stir darkness behind holy lies….

I like arousing you, giving you a peek at

my destruction,

teasing to love me, leaving deceased….

Marking ones that ever touched me, lips

speaking spells, making deals to the dead….

I already belong to them, cold….

I like taking these strolls with you, the moon

appearing during the day, waiting for me to close

my eyes…..

On strings, how would you make me dance?

Penetrated, withdrawn, possessed, I ramble,


Scraped, bleeding I lick my wounds….

Night beckons, in dreams I can be me….