I am blessed, even though my life isn’t perfect, and no ones is, I am thankful.

I lost my dad and my uncle this past summer…life I know goes on, but it will

feel different this year. I wasn’t close to my dad, and he lived in another

state, but I have memories, pictures, and two shirts I wear and a small pocket

knife I keep in my pocketbook. I am apart of him…..


Today, my daughter and I put up our tree, not real, and not too big,

but I enjoyed that simple time with her. She is getting older, and I cherish

that time with her, even with the smart mouth, and being obnoxious, but

I know she gets it honest LOL!!!


I am thankful for my the gift that God gave me, my writing, and I’m sure

most of my work He wouldn’t approve, but I feel in my soul that that darker

side is apart of me too, and somehow loves, not judges like most people

would. He knows my thoughts before I do, so I know he knows my soul like

no one would.


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and I will be going to two dinners. One at my

grandparents and the other, my in-laws. I am SO very thankful that even though

my uncle won’t be there this year, HE is in all of us, and will be there silently watching,

laughing, listening to our conversations, smiling, joking around like he was still there.

I love spending time with the family, having a good meal, and just being plain silly.

There are so many others who don’t have what I have, and I am thankful what I have

been given in this lifetime. Life isn’t all roses and rainbows……it hurts, it tears us apart

at times, splinters, breaks pieces of of off that we feel we may never get back, but I am

still standing, in strength and grateful that I can reflect and see how much I have grown.


I would also like to say thanks to you guys, the one that follow me, like my work,

comment, re-blog, getting my work out there for others to read. It means a lot to

me to share my work, apart of myself with you, letting you into my weird, dark,

twisted world. As you can see, I am just like you guys, no different, have thoughts

and feelings, not this dark, deranged person that comes out in my work. I do have

a softer side as well. So, these are the things I am blessed for, and I wanted to share

them with you. I wish you ALL a very thankful, blessed Thanksgiving….make some



From me to you: