I wonder if you get lonely, the whites of your

eyes wanting to turn yellow….

When you are in a red haze, daze, do I

come to your mind?

Do you part your lips and imagine I am the air,

breathing me in on the edge of madness?

Does the moon hover, exposed wanting

only your attention?

I am your night…light as you walk on the

veins of darkness….

In greys I wave, unveiling only for you….

My pulse serenades you on notes of love,

written in blushes….

I imagine you closing your eyes, ice filled,

and always thirsty…..

You left empty, never getting your fill of me…

I wonder how it would feel to touch your fingers

with mine, would time be lost in spaces between?

If I put my head to your chest, could I echo my

valentines to you?

I want to be your bloody mess….

I feel the same as you….