You, I ebb, breeze on shadowy waters, consummating ripples,

fingertips dip into damp depths, only starving for more….

We swell, surge, levitating on amniotic waves, you delivering

me, born only to you…..

I love feeding you on scarlet crosses, eating my trinities….

I want to carve my name in your soul, causing bloody

chaos as it races to be free, I, spilling out of you in

creamy mists…..

Rake me, take me, back and forth, how do you

want me?

I want to scream your name as you strip me bare,

peeling me into….

Splatter me on you, red, draw from me, in anemic

flavors, candy cane layers…..

Drain me just to fill me once again….

Watch my pulse tremble, beat, as teeth stain

to find my rhythm, ambrosia aborted

on your ‘Orleans tongue…..

My Cajun voodoo, pinning me to your wood….

Is this a spell, many have said I am the one to

bewitch, twitch, summoning by candlestick….

The moon rides high, full, blooming, aroused,

so please come out and play Mister Big Easy…..

I twirl, whirl, and when I stop, you are there, as you

have always been..back and fourths…