I relate to beautiful creatures, walking to remember,

hereafter I become Queen of the Damned…

Tears fall as I remember waking from the dead,

born into insanity, being orphaned, but having

my twin to keep me sane….

Sometimes the ground seems so hard to walk

on, being so use to floating….

Now people can see me instead of looking

through glass….

Dirt stains my fingerprints, becoming someone else

entirely as I reach out to the sun, fighting my way

back…back to life….

I wonder if this is how Jesus felt, how all sin had

washed away, as we as humans let humanity blotch

our flesh once again, infected….

See, I was born again to find the other half of my

spirit, and have failed…

Mother will once again open, my ashes spread

into her womb, put back together, again