Bend you under my will to quill under my fingertips,

pricking, red juices scribing in hungered hemorrhages….

I hear you rake as I take a breath…one or two, preparing

for what is to come, for me to come…..

You thunder, rumble low as I extend , pretend, for your

access to pass death lightly by my eyes…

Knees templed as fingers travel down my spine slowly

playing keys please….

I arch, parched just to taste you on my skin,

to blend to multiply….

I love how you take your time as you build me,

to watch me collapse in front of you….

My skin becomes thousands of stars, shining

only for you….

You mouth my chimes, playing each one

by one, I becoming aquamarine….

Swim in me, please….

Breasts floating, you take hold and step

into me…

I gasp at your warmth as you tip toe

through me….

I hold my head back to you, raised

to ripple with you….

We move, waves covering us, under we

go, lost…..

I am flexed, twisted in mazes of manipulations,


I am tangled limbs in your kinky conclusions…

I spread in a smile, harder, harder, body convulses,

foaming at the mouth…

I smash, crash, blurring cosmos in colors

you created….

Now, your turn….you explode gold, splattering me

on the wall in diamonds, in bands of circled affinity….