I felt you flow out of my mouth in red

dreams, cremes….

Just a single line down my chin, never

to bend….

I could never have my fill of you on me, slurring,

just to blur pasty pastels….

I close my eyes as your tongue traces the

lone trail, slowly to make me tremble, rush

to make you flow once again on me….

You awaken rainbows within me, trapping

prism hallucinations to replay over and over


I can never get enough of my mouth on you,

teeth following blue tears, just to catch, dip,

make them mine…..

I like to watch you change in shades, drifting

in and out of incubus….

Horror crosses your face, nailed to your


All that you were exposed, gory figures

as my tongue passes, smiling, devouring

in vulgar matrimony….

I will take you in life and death……