From my lips to my chin, I smile with a grin,

stain woven, fresh meat…

Sweet syrupy delicacy as my skin

peels transparent riddles from your


You laid out before me, my banquet, prepared

for burial, casket sharp….

Fetal, like a newborn, ready to suckle, and so I

extend my wrist, my suicide, my bloody mess…

You sink into…me…..I float, levitate, flake,

flowing like snow, inside your straw to inhale,

as we both become addicted, long dead….

Drapes drawn, oh, how I like it dark as you

kneel between my legs, tipsy on red crayons….

On each other we fingerpaint roses, thorns

stabbing, moans flowing, watering, smearing,


Ripping, pulling, my heart now yours, splattered,

gory, our forever story…..