Let me cover your mouth with mine

to dine, for a time….

Would you accept my kiss, your

blonde locks twined with my brown,

a no-no….

I wonder if you would need directing

or you would know what to do as words

were silent, stilled…..

Would you get hard against me, could

I stir your adolescent fantasies?

Would you take my lead, or try to

trace your own?

I want to show you what you could

become, how to taste me slowly, to

watch and wait….

My finger, going in circles, you

will be mine…

Hands on my face, setting the

pace, up to meet you, finally….

I wonder what your flavor would be,

your aftertaste, against my tongue

as you settle, swirling, coloring


I want to swoon as the moon touches us

in magic, as this moment hushes……