Tiny jewels falling, reflecting the arousal

of the sky, damp, grey taking its fill….

The moon smiles, lips open in a snarl,

wanting only to be whole, not dissected


Hands clasped, lovers stroll, feed

the night thoughts of the other….

Mouths touch, taste, breathing into

the other, tongues tangle, dangle on


I’ve waited so long for this moment,

you and I mingling in shadowy dims,

eyes alight, only to gaze into souls….

I want your musings red, on me glowing


All grown up from catching lightning

bugs polishing my innocence….

Whispers trailing my spinal

wings, ready to fly, lift, become

a star, twinkle from afar….

Hands of Heaven shuffle,

gloss my flirty flickers….

I move, tracing constellations,

sipping dipper, connecting

the dots of destiny, lost spirits….

Tonight I dine with twins, lick the

rings of Saturn, oh, how I turn HIM


Leo growls, only the way I taught

my kindred gender bender….

Somewhere out there you wonder

in your own corner, and I wait to be born

again only to you…….

I imagine you beautiful as you

sleep, as I sleep, dream, sublime,

in another time, delicate webs of