I want to walk on the edge of night, the moon

licking at my silhouette, straddling both,

fucking each, together, in unison…

Body arches, curves in obscenity,

as I ride saintly demons…

My lips wet, red, ready to come

completely undone, to peel you

from my teeth….

Lines I indent in your skin, places

we have been, places we have yet

to travel…..

Would you dare let me indulge… on you,

dance upon your fallen soul?

I will strip you bare, veins like straws to

my mouth as you blemish me…

Frosted pale with candy cane stripes,

creating artistry….

I saved you on the tip of my tongue,

and I swell and grow erect, entering

every crevice to spawn the living, the

dead, running down you in sin,

holy matrimony…..

This is how I see love, how it feeds,

spills onto me, into me, making me

scream, bruising tasty mastery,

as I spell you, winding fingers

to create madness……

I so enjoy repeating your story,

stirring bloody potions as I suck

you dry, my thirsty treat….

You pour all over me in divine


You lay carcass style as I walk away

chewing fingers of your remains….

Famished, somber, sleepy, I am

now sated, for now, all is safe……