2014 - 1

In both worlds, sin to each

Light wept as darkness
turned tears to onyx…

Storms emerged as rays
dried salty seductions….

Angels play on dark violins,
weaving taboo melodies, creating
sensual silhouettes…

I want to dance in shadowy
foreplay amongst your thoughts,
silencing Hell from agonized screams…

I will rain twinkling stars down, simmering
your soul if only for a time as you will take my
breath away….

We will ride upon the other in frenzied
orgasms, see who could part first….

As the sun, I will walk with you through
fields of color, as you steal a kiss from
me under the fullness of the moon, her
moans echoing throughout space and time…

We are one and the same, slicing the
other in fragmented dimensions, creating
life and death, only to fall back into the arms
of the other, a love that could never survive
without a sunrise or a sunset, or us making
love to create such beauty…