I play with hearts, souls, minds,

and in moments, I

turn back time….

Eyes lock, slowly we go,

and I sway as you watch,

roaming, what you are going

to do to me….

Closer you walk…to me…

against me, I come to

life, breast erect, painful,

engorged, uptight to unravel…

You pressed, feel you raised

on my back, causing me to

ripple, come undone….

Mouth on neck, teeth play

along my veins….

Head back, I sigh into you,

swiftly you turn me to your face,

eyes go dark and I know then

what you have been hiding….

You walk me to the wall,

a growl emerges deep, desperate

to finish me off….

Lips meet, tongue masterbates

my insides….

Clothes pulled, torn, flesh


You take me hard, violent,

and just when I want to give up,

you push me further, twisting,

demanding, and you never

let me release, daring me

as you show no remorse for

my whimpers, shudders

to be free….