paul and francis

Blend, flow, intact in natures glow…
Rose vines weave, talk to the other
fragrant foreplay…

You, I entwined forever under Gods grace…
Bell chimes, I give a laugh, a sparkle in my
eyes, just to tickle, greet you once more…

Tears I catch of you, diamonds reflecting you
in my palm, as I blow them out at Mother Earth,
she inhales, sending my love back to you over
and over again…

I remember the life you gave me when our
eyes met, and our hearts bloomed into the other…

I remember you on my chest as you lay cross ways,
hearing me beat one last time, taking me
into you, eternal, as I, you….
This is a poem I wrote for my aunt whom was
married to my uncle that just died this past May.
It was hard on all of us to say goodbye…..