You enter my thoughts, laying in
a meadow, mischievous, dark,
brooding, waiting, simmering,
just on the edge of…..

I feel myself start to sparkle,
tears playing peek-a-boo….

Body flushed, and know you would
be pleased….

Fingers travels to sinister smiles
as breathing rushes to greet you…

Folds part, misty welcomes…
I close my eyes, teeth in lip
as I enter summer, watching the
sun on your face, breeze kissing
your skin…

Nipples hard, imaging your mouth
on me as I arch into you…

I move faster, harder, wanting to
be free, liquified for you…

I spread wider, daydreaming of
teeth tasting points.

Mouth in a O and I come for you
and only you…..