Night waits for you to sleep, one…two…three….
You, running through a field, aglow by the moon,
faster and faster you pound the earth on paws of
beastly melodies….

Time dissolves as you float upon spheres….
Your body arches, space stops as you
sniff the air, find me, lingering on the
edge of your doze…

You shift, human form, circle me,
what is yours, and now what is mine…

I still, heart stops,  your hand touches
my chest, alive I am once more….

Mouth close, catches a bead on my neck,
savoring with tongue, taking within….

My hand reaches out, you
ripple beneath me, surging to make
me falling stars, as I rain
upon you, skin wet, aroused.

Up, behind me, you spell against my
spine, teeth exposed as you taste,
my face lifting to the moon…

I run red, you on your knees to catch,
greedy to not share with nature.

You finger back up against me, hands
sink into my flesh, winds in my hair
as you read my mind, knowing how to
solve me….

You growl into my neck, turning me
inside out, all exposed for your eyes
to feast….