Heart beats fast, under your skin I
want to be….to sniff the air and smell

me around…

I wonder what you do, do when no
one watches, do your eyes become
dark, opaque, do I become a whisper
that travels to places that you keep


I want to play with your subconscious,
slip in mindless theatrical, put on the

best show….for you….

Beloved slumbers as I have come out
to  perform.

Something shadowy in you rises just
underneath, below your flesh ripples,

eclipse, enough light that I see behind
the masquerade….

You call to my darkness as I do yours,

such a disguise that makes me smile,
tongue touching teeth….

You think you know, but you have no idea
what lays within…me….
How I weave you into me, in threads of


You blend so easily, as God is your judge,
and I could be your answer….
Eyes, soft, aware, wonder where your

walls lead, at the end, where pattens make
sense, and I there, in your head….

At your fingertips the world stalls on your
skull, intelligencer…..

Be true, lift the veil, show me….
I am never what you would expect,

or will I ever….

An enigma, easily concocted to fit the
Mother Earth, as you and I are one
and the same…..