Someone else…lies within me,
I can feel them take on my identity,
worm themselves inside my mysteries,
laughing at me because HE know more…

Dark, sensual HE breezes so gently
inside me, taunting, teasing, slowly
making me HIS.

He arouses me, hates me, loves me,
causes me to exploit my uninhibited
side, to indulge, release myself only
to HIS eyes…

Voyeur into HIS Dark fantasies,
and I play HIS part as HE takes over.

For I am HIS vessel into this world,
and I undress for His liking, move the
way HE wants, glistens just like HE

I lick my lips to entice, to make HIM hunger,
crave, and then HE claws my insides, what
a bloody rush to feel HIM trying to get out,
how I bleed, how HE tastes….

I like HIM there, how HE twists me up
to take all of HIM.

I am HIS shadow and HE mine, and who
may emerge one never knows…

I am HIS lover, and HIM mine, I am HIS
lunatic on carnage kisses.

HE explores every inch, pleasure
and pain, all that feels, dissolves
inside me.

You and I, transgender, enveloping
soft folds on erect deception….